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5 Catering Tips For Your Dream Outdoor Wedding


When planning your dream wedding one of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing the type of wedding. The venue you choose or where you hold the event will determine the type of event. If like most people you love the idea of an outdoor wedding, you have to deal with a number of issues when planning the event. One important thing you have to think about is the catering for the outdoor reception. You have to be careful with outdoor catering, as it requires special considerations.

Think about the weather

One of the most important considerations when planning the catering for your outdoor wedding is the weather. If you want to have an outdoor wedding, it is important to choose the best time of the year for your nuptials. This, however, does not mean that you cannot have an outdoor wedding during any season that you like. While summer may be the best time for this type of wedding, you can have the wedding at any time of the year as long as you plan to provide protection from the elements.

Choosing the best tents

Choose the right tents for your outdoor wedding and remember that wind can do a lot of damage especially in the food section. Tents will provide protection from the hot summer sun, from spring rain and from strong winds. Make sure that the tents are secured firmly to the ground and plan for inclement weather. The food and cake tables should also be secured to the ground to avoid a potentially embarrassing scenario. Think about the setting you want to have when choosing the menu.

Ensure food safety

You need to know what is required to enhance food safety during your outdoor wedding. It is a good idea to choose a caterer who has experience working outdoor events. Talk to the caterer about the best food to serve your guests and remember that keeping the food fresh is key to successful outdoor catering. Food that is left out for too long in the heat can become harmful. Find out how the caterer plans to keep the food safe and healthy during the ceremony. When the food is prepared will have a huge effect on the results.

Choosing the utensils

It is not a good idea to use paper plates for your outdoor wedding, especially if you are expecting some wind. Plastic cutlery can also be inconvenient and you should think about heavy dishes and cutlery that will ensure that the food remains on the table. Issues like transporting it to the venue will affect the quality of the food. Warmers or a heat lamp will help to keep the food warm and as fresh as possible and ice is necessary for keeping some foods cold.

Adequate hydration

It is important to ensure that you keep yourselves and your guests hydrated during a summer outdoor wedding. Having plenty of water as well as refreshing drinks like iced tea, cucumber water and lemonade, will make your guests very happy. Remember that the time of year will affect the type of food and drinks you should serve at your wedding.

You can make your special day beautiful by getting as much information as you can. An outdoor wedding can be very beautiful and with careful planning, you can make it a memorable occasion. Knowing the best food to serve will go a long way in enhancing your dream wedding. Whether you are planning a formal sit down affair or an informal buffet reception, you need to know the best menu for your event and once you work with a reputable caterer, it is more likely than not that you will get everything right!


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