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7 Catering Tips For Your Next Corporate Event

Organizing a corporate event is not the easiest thing in the world and if you want it to be successful then you must be very careful when it comes to catering. Especially if you want to impress your guests, the food you bring and the way it is served can make a big difference. Here are a couple of catering tips and tricks which can ensure the success of your corporate event.

Know who will attend your event and choose the foods accordingly

Not everyone like the same types of foods, so in order to avoid embarrassing situations, make sure that you know who will attend your event and their food preferences. Also, keep in mind that many people might have food allergies, so you need to discuss this subject with the catering company you are hiring. If you are also able to provide certain rare dishes for important guests then your corporate event will definitely be a success.

Get a fondue fountain with chocolate treats


If your budget allows it then you should get a fondue fountain of a decent size and place it in an accessible location in the banquet hall. This item will improve the interior design of the venue and it will also impress your guests, not to mention that a chocolate treat is always welcomed and most people adore this type of dessert.

Have an ice sculpture that pours drinks

In a similar fashion, you can impress your guests right from the start by bringing an ice sculpture which can pour different types of drinks. Such a decorative item can be rented for an affordable price and it will make your corporate event unique and enjoyable.

Try to offer desserts and souvenirs to take home

This is also another great way of impressing your guests and ensuring the success of your event. There are many types of souvenirs which can be offered at corporate events and they will make sure that your guests will remember of you. Similarly, you should also offer different types of desserts for guests to take home in order to win their appreciation.

Go for a buffet type of meal if you want your guests to socialize

If your goal is to help your guests know each other better and improve their professional relationships then it would be a good idea to choose a buffet type of meal, instead of a sit-down meal. Although it is a little bit harder to organize such a meal, it will give your guests the opportunity to socialize and even establish friendly relationships which can be great for your company in the future.

Provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests

Some of your guests might like to indulge in alcoholic beverages, others might prefer to refrain from such drinks. Make sure that you get this aspect handled by providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it would be wise to provide a transportation method for your guests who have consumed alcoholic beverages, in order to make sure that they arrive home safely.

Make sure that you go for elegant and eye-catching linen

The type of linen you choose for your corporate event can have a big visual impact and you should take advantage of this in order to impress your guests. The linen should be of good quality and it must feature an elegant texture and design. If your corporate event features a particular theme, the linen must be chosen in accordance with the theme presented.

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