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8 Ways You Can Save Money When It Comes To Wedding Catering

There are many people out there who don’t really like the idea of splurging when it comes to wedding catering services. The truth is that you can eat, drink and feel great during your wedding without having to spend a fortune. If you would rather save your money to visit your preferred exotic destination during your honeymoon then make sure that you put the following tips and tricks into practice.

Take advantage of big and colorful bowls filled with vegetables

You can show generosity during your wedding without breaking the bank by using big bowls which are filled with salad and grilled vegetables. These bowls will impress your guests, they are eye-catching and healthy and they don’t cost a lot of money to prepare.

Go for less expensive seafood


A lot of people usually go for shrimp cocktail or scampi when it comes to seafood, but you might be happy to know that there are less expensive and equally delicious choices. For example, you can speak with your caterers and ask them to serve calamari and mussels which are usually much more affordable than shrimp cocktail and other types of seafood.

Make use of unique plates which can immediately impress your guests

This is another good way of saving money during your wedding. It is important to know that your guests eat with their eyes first, so if you use unique, beautifully designed plates then you will win them over immediately. For example, small tapas-style plates are trendy these days and they can keep your guests satisfied without increasing your catering bill.

Avoid going for a full bar

Another excellent way of saving money during your wedding is by serving beer and wine as well as a couple of known cocktails which have been personalized. For example, you can come up with interesting names for your cocktails and decorate them with your wedding colors. Similarly, you might want to go for mid-shelf liquors instead of top-shelf liquors as most guests are not capable of telling the difference between them.

Try to eliminate the cake-cutting fee from your package

In some cases, there are a couple of servers who are responsible for cutting the cake and place the slices on the plate of each guest. Although this might seem like a great service, it can usually cost around $1 or even $2 per slice. You might want to negotiate with the caterers in order to reduce the fee of this service or eliminate it entirely in order to save more money.

Don’t be afraid to go for bite-size desserts

In a similar fashion, you might want to choose more bite-size desserts which can save you a lot of money. For example, small chocolate-covered cheesecakes are much appreciated by all guests and they considerably reduce the bill of your catering service.

Close the bar an hour earlier

This simple trick can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Closing the bar an hour earlier will give your guests the opportunity to drink more coffee and sober up before they leave your wedding.

Arrange for dishes in a lower price range for musicians and photographers

If you want to save more money, it is possible to negotiate with your caterers and settle for dishes in a lower price range for the musicians, DJs and photographers who will attend your wedding. In some cases, this can mean a discount of up to 60% for every person and it will help reducing your catering services bill.

If your wedding is approaching and you are looking for exquisite catering services then make sure that you give us a call and tell us more about your catering needs and preferences.


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