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Are You Smart Enough To Choose The Best Caterer For Your Wedding?

Your wedding is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, day of your life. It involves many of your friends, relatives and colleagues. You will therefore need to put your best foot forward toward making the day a success. In the past, people chose to plan their own weddings, as they were often simple affairs without too much detail. This has however changed, as modern weddings are much more complex affairs that often need many groups of people to plan. This includes caterers who are to plan and provide one of the most important aspects of a wedding, food service. With a good caterer, your worries for the day will substantially be reduced. So how do you determine the best caterer for your wedding? Find out below:

Draw up a budget

The first step of planning a wedding is drawing up a budgetary estimate of all the things you need.
Establish the exact amount of money you will afford to spend on the wedding and tailor your budget according to it. Caterers charge different amounts for the same service, and it is important to have the estimates of these charges. The cost of meals is dependent on a variety of factors. If you opt to pay for a meal per plate, you may pay more money than if you opt for a buffet style. In addition, the cost rises with an increase in the variety of foods you order. High quality food will set you back a little further.

Sample caterers

Inquire about any upcoming weddings or caterer exhibitions in your locality and attend them. It is here that you will have a one on one contact with all caterers and make your choice. Have a taste of all their food samples and ask about their contact information. If any of them match your expectations, take their business cards for later communication.

Obtain references

Opinions from a third party go a long way to influence your choice. Ask friends and neighbors who may have engaged catering services in the past about their experiences. Among the questions to ask would be such as which caterer would be best for a garden wedding? What caterer makes the best food? Which caterer will give the best bargains? Which caterer observes the agreed on time? In this stage, it is useful to narrow down your choice to five or six caterers to avoid cluttering your judgment of the right one.

Contact potential caterers

With your shortlisted caterers, now take time to call each one of them. Describe the type and size of the wedding you want and your budget. Enquire whether they have any special conditions that might have an effect on your budget, such as additional staff. Find out if, they have catered for a similar wedding as yours and if they are familiar with the wedding venue. Caterers that are readily available to answer your queries and show some aspect of professionalism can prove to deliver good services.

List down questions to ask

Write down the important questions that your caterer needs to answer. You will choose the caterer that gives an answer that is closest to what you want. This includes questions as, what menu would fit the budget? Are you accommodative of special needs such as vegetarian food? What are your cancellation policies?

Organize a tasting

After getting the right caterer, request for a private tasting session. Ordinarily, caterers hold public tasting events occasionally to display their specialty, but you may not have attended one. You may pay for the private tasting, but it is worth the cost as it gives you an idea of what to expect on the actual day.


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