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Attract More Bridal Couples To Your Wedding Venue With These Tips!

To understand where the brides and grooms go to when looking for wedding venues, a little brainstorming is required. The ability of the couple to find you as they begin searching is very critical to the success of your wedding venue being hired. Thus, it is highly essential to determine the places they usually go to so that you can meet them there. This is because location ranks at the top of their planning list. To ensure that you get more eyeballs on your wedding venue, there are a few things you can do.

Partnerships with other businesses

Since there are numerous businesses offering wedding venue services, the bride and groom might end up visiting a number of them before coming to yours. Partnering with them will ensure you leverage on getting clients.

• Jewelry stores: Even before the wedding date is set, the engagement ring is always bought. By partnering with the jewelry stores, you can get information on couples making these purchases. Thereafter, you can approach them and present an enticing offer for your venue which will propel you to the top of the list.

• Bridal shops: With the allure of marriage in sight, brides usually become notorious of shopping for their gowns prior to even the question being asked. Here, you can approach and introduce your business venue to them, propelling you in front of your competitors.

The several enticing offers you could present to them may include a wedding planning workshop at your venue, a free romantic lunch or brunch at your venue, or even an invite only wine tasting opportunity.

Thus, by partnering up with these businesses, you are able to get good leads that will get your venue hired and ensure your calendar has plenty of weddings booked.

Feature the real weddings photos


The allure of real wedding photos and reviews is irresistible to brides. By partnering with good photographers to take shots of your venue and post them on wedding blogs and websites, you are assured of inquiries at which point you can pitch your business.

Online marketing

Since finding a good location is normally a big challenge for couples, they usually resort to going online into forums and chat rooms to find out this information. To ensure that you get the right couples for your wedding venue, there are various steps you can follow.

• You should type your local area name with the words “weddings” or “wedding locations” into the various search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing.

• Once you search this, it is important to determine if you rank on the first page of the search engine. Being on the first page is always an advantage as people will see your business first.

• Thereafter, if you are not on the first page, you will need to ensure that your venue is listed on as many as the first page websites as possible. You can achieve this by advertising or listing your business on those sites yourself, partnering with those websites to get listed or writing guest blogs on the sites in exchange for backlinks to your website.

• You should then ensure to get your venue reviewed by free local business directories.

By promoting your business on as many websites and online forums as you can, you will ensure that people talk about your business, thereby generating you more leads.

Promoting through Google PPC campaigns or Facebook

Facebook Ads and Google PPC campaigns are usually a good place to advertise since you are target those audience who are looking for businesses that offer wedding venue services. You can target these people by their interests, sex, status, age and even their location.

All in all, ensuring that your venue gets booked is dependent on how well you market it. Soon-to-wed couples looking for Denver wedding venues are always searching for ways to get information on the best venues. If you can manage to put yourself among the first people they contact, your wedding venue will never be short of bookings!


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