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Busting 5 Myths About Catering Services

With the passing of time, a lot of rumors and myths have surrounded catering services and unfortunately they prevent a lot of people from taking advantage of the full benefits of these services. If you are in doubt whether to request catering services or not, let’s debunk a couple of myths and misconceptions and clear the air when it comes to this subject.

The preparation of an event takes one hour or less

This is a common misconception about catering services and it is not true at all. The professionals from a catering company require about 2 hours in order to make all the preparations for a particular event. For example, they need to arrange the tables and chairs as well as the linen and tabletop such as china and glassware. They might also need to unload cooking equipments from the truck while the chefs will prepare the ingredients. Finally, the professionals might sweep the floors in order to make sure that the venue looks absolutely exquisite.

You pay mostly for food

In a similar fashion, most people believe that their bill for catering services involves paying for food in a proportion of about 99%. This is not exactly true. When you are requesting catering services, you are also paying for the extensive work the specialists do. For example, they will make sure that the food is served properly and on time, they will also make sure that the tables and chairs are arranged correctly and so on. In some cases, the catering personnel might be responsible for arranging floral centerpieces, setting up room decorations or providing entertainment options, so you are not paying only for food when you request catering services.

Each reception must include a champagne toast


This is not true anymore for a number of reasons. First of all, some people might not like champagne and during the toast they might only take a sip and leave the glass on the table. Secondly, a lot of guests might not want to combine the alcoholic beverages they are drinking. They might simply want to stay with a type of beverage throughout the entire evening. Therefore, it is common nowadays for every guest to toast with the alcoholic drink they have in their hands in that moment, instead of switching to champagne.

All caterers serve poor quality chicken entrees

This statement is not valid anymore. Unfortunately, back in the days there were a lot of catering companies that served frozen chicken entrees which weren’t very delicious or healthy. However, these days you can find a lot of professional catering companies which serve top quality chicken entrees prepared by experienced chefs. Therefore, if you choose your caterer correctly, you don’t have to be afraid of eating poor quality chicken entrees anymore.

The prices of catering services should be the same with the prices of a restaurant meal

Although in some cases you might pay less for eating in a restaurant, you must also take into account that your culinary experience is not completely customizable and tailored to your preferences and needs. On the other hand, when requesting catering services, you can choose the linens and plates which are going to be placed on the table, you can ask the caterers to prepare certain meals, you can enjoy a delicious dish in the comfort of your own home and so on. At the end of the day, your guests will be more impressed by the catering services you provide instead of taking them to a restaurant.

If you are ready to make the preparations for your next event then make sure that you give us a call and take advantage of our professional catering services which come at affordable rates.


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