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Catering Concerns To Address When Hosting A Large Number Of Wedding Guests


In normal settings, catering for a wedding is not an overly challenging thing to handle. This is especially so when hosting a small or medium sized wedding, in which case you might be dealing with only a small number of guests. However, what happens when you have to work with a larger number of invited guests? When the number of guests increases past a specific point, the logistics associated with doing the event planning become even more tiresome. In such cases, you need to come up with ingenious ways of handling the catering, since the possibility of getting it wrong increase with the number of guests you invite.

What can go wrong?

There are many things that can go wrong when hosting a large number of people for a wedding, especially when it comes to catering. For one, you are likely to end up ordering the wrong amount of food. You could order too little, especially when you underestimate the number of people who will be in attendance. Some people will also order too much food in anticipation of a large number of people, and this means that you may end up wasting a lot as well.

In some cases, the quality of the food can also degrade on account of the volume. When the caterer has to account for a large number of people, they may end up doing a shoddy job particularly if they are not used to handling such large numbers. The effects of this include ending up with undercooked or overcooked food.

Difficult logistics is also a problem in such instances. You may find yourself having to run around a lot during the last few days to the wedding due to problems such as finding that the catering arrangements are not quite done at the correct time. Of course, the downside of doing this is that you may need to compromise in some areas in order to save time, and this means that the overall quality of the catering might go down.

Basic strategies you can adopt to manage large wedding guest lists

If you are going to invite a large number of guests and want to reduce the chances of any complications, there are a few things you can try out. The most important of these is proper caterer selection. Rather than simply focusing on whether or not the caterer can provide good food, you should also look at other variables such as whether or not they can serve a large number of people. In many cases, this will make all the difference in the world. When you work with a high quality contractor, finding that they can handle a large number of people means that you can leave them with all the instructions you have, and be confident that they will implement them in the manner you have suggested.

Having a correct budget is also very important. It’s easy to spend a lot more than you anticipated when you invite a large number of people rather than a small one. For instance, by simply omitting a certain type of food from the menu, you could end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars off the menu if you have a large guest list. Pay more attention to the little things when you have a large guest list, and the savings will be evident.

Choosing your caterers

You can opt to split the catering functions into different modules, and then assign them to different caterers. This works well if you have an extremely large number of guests arriving for the wedding. For instance, you could have a certain number of guests served by one specific caterer. In addition, if you have two sets of menu for example for a Chinese-Indian wedding, you can also hire two caterers to fulfill this need. This also ensures that one caterer won’t be too strained. Of course, the other alternative is to find a caterer that has the capacity to handle the big number of guests that you have as well as can meet the specific menu that you have in mind for your guests.


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