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Challenges Facing Corporate Event Caterers


Corporate event caterers deal with large amounts of work in their quest to satisfy their clients. Most clients are very sensitive about minor details and this makes it challenging to give catering services to suit every need. The following are the challenges that caterers face planning corporate events:

Lean budgets

When people hire catering services, they often offer limited funds to cover all the expenses. This leaves the caterer with little variety of choices to create the best event for the client. Thus, caterers are constantly faced with the challenge of altering their normal mode of operation to fit into the small budgets, often with poor results. A tighter budget limits most chances of creativity.

Pressure to be memorable

One of the main aims of any event is to make it memorable long after it is over. You do not want guests to attend your event and forget all about it immediately afterwards. One common and easy way to do this is to keep a digital record of the event in either photos or videos. Post them in social media under a webpage of the event through which guests can remember the whole purpose of the event. You can also include photos in annual newsletters to keep the memory alive.

Tight deadlines

Caterers face strict timelines within which they are expected to deliver on the terms of the contract. If the budget is signed by the client on time, the caterer will have enough time to search for the highest quality resources and materials at a lower cost before the main event. Thus, more time means a better and satisfactory event. On the other hand, a shorter time limit means that the caterer will rush against the clock and may not have time to tailor your event to high standards.

Cost of doing business

Apart from lean budgets, the high rise in taxes has made operating catering businesses very expensive. The cost of obtaining requisite materials and paying staff is growing higher by the day, and adhering to government regulations is difficult.

Environmental concerns

The growing awareness about climate change has had an impact on the organizing of corporate events. Many consumers are increasingly concerned about their companies’ efforts toward sustenance of the delicate and endangered environment. Caterers are therefore required to pay attention in their planning to encompass the image of conservation. In catering, they have to change their way of doing things to ensure they do not contribute to pollution or creating health hazards.

The right staff

In modern catering, clients will need to work with companies that are up to date with modern trends. Getting employees who are fully trained and ready to take up challenges is hard. Undertrained employees are likely to ruin your event and lead to loss of business. It is therefore of importance to know their ability and allocate duties with this in mind.

Changing technology

The world is fast evolving and old technology is being phased out very fast. Catering businesses have little or no time to adjust to these changes and still make a profit. There is constant pressure for caterers to offer new ways of doing things as opposed to the old ways. It is also expensive to break into new technology and ensure employees are well trained in it.

Sudden changes

Many clients tend to make sudden change of plan prior to the event after the caterer has already laid down plans. This may strain the budget or cause an itch in timely delivery of results. To avoid this, caterers can try to talk well to their clients and explain the situation at hand. Some clients are however tough and would not stop at anything. Therefore, many catering companies come up with contracts that they sign with their clients on the settled upon agreements. This helps the clients to respect what was agreed.


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