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Creative food and decor includes more than just tasty cuisine and beautiful furniture and window dressings. When done well, the different components can ensure that your event goes to the next level. Ensuring that the look and feel of the meeting remains fresh and appealing will require knowing the current trends and maintaining the right classic elements. There are some tips that will help to ensure that your conference goes smoothly.

Customized menus


As people continue to become more knowledgeable about food, diners and event attendees are becoming more discerning and sophisticated about the fare they expect. The days of offering one meal to fit everyone are long gone. People expect to see different meal options when they attend a conference or function. The more people know about food, the more they expect to see options on the menu. It is important to offer the attendees fresh ingredients, sauces and garnishes. Talk to the chef about a customized menu to suit your event.

Choosing décor

Apart from the food, the décor that you choose can help to set the tone for your event. It is a good idea to go bright and colorful when planning the corporate event space in DTC. Research has shown that color can influence the energy, feel and look of the event atmosphere. Selecting the right color palette for your audience and the message will help to ensure that you have a successful event. It is a good idea to choose the color theme early in the planning process. You can incorporate bright colors in the floral arrangements, table linens, event graphics and even the centerpiece décor.

Think healthy and local

When planning the food, it is a good idea to choose healthy and local. Serving healthy food options can help to improve energy and information retention. Talk to the chef about creating nutritious cuisines for the event. Choose foods that support general well-being and make sure that you accommodate any special dietary restrictions and requirements. Support the local agriculture by asking the caterer or chef to include locally sourced fresh, seasonal ingredients in the menu.

The power of flowers

Your décor does not have to be all fabric and inorganic objects. You can spruce up any space using beautiful plants and flowers. Most people know that plants have a way of lifting the spirits. You can make sure that the attendees are comfortable and attentive by incorporating plants and flowers. You should, however, avoid using flowers and plants that are distracting and obnoxious. When overdone, plants can overwhelm any space. Consider using minimal flowers in fresh ways, keeping with the clean and modern design. Large floral arrangements can look out of place in a corporate meeting or event.

The seating arrangements

You do not have to be confined to a traditional seating arrangement. You can think outside the box and choose unconventional seating. You need to know that the traditional dining and conference seating can stifle interaction at the event and it hinders visibility. Plan seating that will ensure that no one has to twist around when seated or crane their necks to watch the presentations. A less structured seating plan can enhance engagement and improve visibility while maximizing the space. Creating different levels of round and rectangular tables can create unique seating. Choosing the right furniture will help.

Be adventurous with the food that you choose and remember that most people are looking for a unique culinary experience to enhance their stay. The quality of food and drinks at the event will influence the experience and it helps to add an element of fun to the culinary offerings. Talk to the chef about unique menu choices and do something different. Use lighting to create the perfect mood and ambiance.


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