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Creative Wedding Catering Ideas That You Can Try


You will encounter different names in the world of catering. All of them are categorized into different types of caterers, the most basic of which are the challenged caterers and the other, the challenging caterers. A challenged caterer would usually be content once they have followed their customers’ orders to the letter. They will not offer anything that they think will best suit the occasion. The challenging caterer, on the other hand, is one who wants to create a good impression and would make their imaginations work when it comes to presenting the menu to their customers.

Sometimes, it would be hard to figure out which type of caterer you are dealing with until the big event itself. If you are planning to have your wedding catered by no less than the best in the industry then it would be good to try asking them about how they would work on the following creative catering ideas.

Holding a brunch-catered wedding

We are used to attending weddings whose receptions would usually be at lunch time or during dinnertime. Why not try the brunch-catered wedding instead. This would surely be perfect for an early morning wedding that would usually end at around 10 am. Of course the food choices can be very confusing since it is something in between breakfast and lunch. A good caterer knows though that made-to-order food from crepes to omelets to refreshing mimosas would be ideal for such a party. There should be good treats for the kids too.

How about a multi-course tasting menu

Full meals are already usual in wedding banquets. This would mean that caterers would offer you with a per plate menu on a per plate fee. Sometimes, it can be so disappointing to see other guests not liking all the food they see on the plate. What can be the solution to this usual challenge? You should be able to put up a multi-course tasting menu serving bite size portions of each food that a guest wants to put in his plate. This can be more of the pica-pica type where a guest is given the option to enjoy the treat first before taking another one to put on his plate.

A fun way to serve appetizers

In seated-receptions where each guest is assigned his table, appetizers can already be served before he is given an option to choose the food he wants to eat. Serving appetizers can be fun though without all guests having to wait on their seats to get that food. They can simply use strolling chef stations where chefs serve different appetizers throughout the room. A guest can even be given the chance to choose his appetizer from the different options available.

Meals that are in season

Often, many brides and grooms would settle with the usual items that are common in wedding banquets although suggesting a few changes to its course depending on specific guest requirements. Well, if you want, you can divert your attention from the usual and settle for something that will go well with the season. For instance, during summer, you can bring in some cool refreshing drinks into the occasion and add in some seafood to your entrée. Anything that is season-friendly would be a good idea.

Who would ever think that weddings can work even when not necessarily following a strict plan from the dress to the food that you will serve during the occasion? With the great catering ideas presented above, you know you have some choices to make. Now, when you are still thinking of a caterer who will work according to your needs then why not consider us? We will provide you with the best food that you want served on your wedding reception tables by putting your wedding catering ideas in mind.


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