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Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Planning a wedding is a process that involves many logistics. Getting the right caterer is an important step in organizing the event and is bound to make your day memorable. Wedding caterers have different ways of going round their trade, hence it is good to ensure you know exactly what to expect. Once you get the right caterer, create some time to have a private session with them to go through every detail of your wedding. The following is a list of questions that you will need to ask your caterer:

Do they offer any special services?

Your guest list is bound to have different people with diverse tastes and preferences. Some people may be vegetarians, diabetic, allergic to some types of food or under medication. Include all these among your queries and ask if you will have to incur any additional charges for them. You should have a look at their sample menu to review what they have to offer. Food is the central part of your wedding and you will need to give your guests the best quality.

How much do they charge?

The type of service you get will ultimately depend on your budget. What is the approximate price for a wedding like yours? Does the cost depend on the type of food you order, or do they have fixed rates for their cuisine? Is gratuity and taxes charged separately or are they included in the final cost? Request them for printed copies of their food along with the prices. Tailor your needs according to your budget. If you have a very tight budget, do not be shy to be creative with the food or snacks that you choose. Choosing something that people are not used to having in weddings can just make your wedding be praised for being unique!

Will the caterer take part in the ceremony?

Caterers have a lot of experience in all kinds of weddings, and many people choose them as coordinators in weddings. Ask if your caterer provides these services, and how much they charge. Will they help in managing the banquet? Will they control the band or choir? Do they also supervise cake cutting? Do they act as ushers and adjust the event timetable in case of any technicalities? A wedding coordinator may be another alternative to do this.

What other items will they provide?

Ordinarily, caterers provide chairs, tables, cloths, napkins, saltshakers and cutlery. It is important to examine these things to ensure they are of high quality, clean and presentable. As for tablecloths, ask for those that match your wedding theme and color. Do they charge a fee for using these items or do they give them free. To save money, you can source these items from friends or rent them at a lower cost.

How many staff will they send?

The number of staff has a direct impact on the quality of service. The size of your guest list should determine the size of the catering team. An understaffed team will be overworked and slow, causing confusion. The caterer should recommend the best number of staff. It is also important to know the staff to table ratio. A good table should have two servers for proper coordination. Find out how many staff will be availed to you.

How familiar are they with your venue?

If you plan to have a wedding in a garden or on the beach, it is best to have a caterer who has dealt with such venues. If they have never been there, you need to take them on a short visit to acquaint them with the site. Thus, they can estimate the time it will take to deliver supplies and what kind of transportation they will use.


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