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Over the past decade, trends in catering for weddings and events have changed significantly. Today, many guests and clients expect their caterers to provide food and beverage services that are clever, creative and presented in some way that is suitable to be shared on social media platforms. Hence, caterers and event planners alike are constantly searching for new ways to serve and present food that is not only appetizing but also something that possesses some aesthetic value. In this article, we shall take a look at the recent catering trends that might take center stage of many events in 2015!


Sharing menus

Also known as a table buffet, sharing menus were all the rage up to two years ago, but they seem to be sticking around for 2015 as well! This family service or grazing buffet are basically served at the dinner table and includes a range of big plates of food like vegetables, salads, roast meats and other wholesome food one may notice at a special family dinner. This allows diners and guests to help themselves to the food.

Many clients are still opting for this type of catering today. Roasted meats have been the mainstay for some time, but currently BBQ items as well as seafood are slowly introduced into the ever-changing menus. This enables the menus to stay fresh, produce-driven and light. Sharing menus are a popular style of catering as it helps create a nice atmosphere around the table as guests can share a meal together. Also, it allows people to indulge in a variety of flavor and tastes.

If you are contemplating this style of catering at a wedding or event, ensure that the tables are not cluttered with too many glassware or centerpieces. The aforementioned can cause some inconvenience to waiters as they place the food on the table. A cluttered table also makes it harder for guests to pass the plates around.

Grazing stations

This is going to be quite a hit in 2015. This catering service consists of an extensive array of breads, cheese, dips, antipasto and deli meats. If you wish to impress a lot of people, this is definitely one of the easiest ways you can do it. Even vegans are well catered for. The key to having a superb grazing station is none other than abundance. Alternatively, you can also include nibbles, which can be easily taken with one hand.

This style of catering is ideal for networking events, cocktail parties, intervals between wedding reception and ceremonies as well as pre-dinner drinks. Grazing stations are considerably budget-friendly as they can potentially replace the necessity of canapés for brief events. If your events are longer or larger, and food needs to be passed through a crowd, we would recommend tray-serving canapés.

Pairing canapés and cocktails

Pairing canapés and cocktails has been all the rage in the United States and the events will still continue this catering trend in 2015. It is all about serving matching drinks and food in mini sizes, and guests can savor the different flavors together with ease. Furthermore, the concept simply looks adorable, and the funky combos are suitable for events that involve product launches – an event where you need to brand the catering with themed events, Christmas parties or other styles.

High-end comfort food

Nothing beats the feeling of being served with one of your childhood favorites. However, at a formal or corporate event, some adjustments are needed to be adhere to sophistication and the fact that everyone is a grown up. Marcus Longinotti, who is the creative director of Gastronomy, mentions that this year is good time to revitalize nostalgic flavors and bring them to life with sophisticated flavors and local produce.


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