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Great Catering Tips You can Use For An Outdoor Wedding


When you are planning for your dream wedding, remember that the first thing you need to decide is whether you would want it indoors or outdoors. After this can you choose the exact theme and type of wedding you would like and also go on to consider the range of venues available for your choice.

If you are someone who prefers to have an outdoor wedding, then there are some specific issues you would need to consider. Out of these issues, the most important thing is about food catering, because the layout for food for indoor and outdoor wedding receptions is different. For outdoor food catering especially there are special restrictions to take note of so do read on to know more about that.

Having a plan B for weather changes

One of the perks of having an indoor wedding is, the weather outside would not affect your plans in the building that much. However, outdoor weddings are heavily dependent on the local weather for the day and the general climate. We would all want a bright, sunny yet cool day to have our weddings outdoor in, but that is hardly the case. Even if the day starts out to be well, there might be unpredictable changes to cause a rainfall or strong winds during the event. So that is one thing to plan and anticipate for when we are thinking about the food catering for an outdoor wedding event.

Ways to work around this is to closely follow the weather patterns for the area and choose the right time of the year to tie the knot. This does not mean that you should only have outdoor weddings during summer, but even if you have it during other seasons or other times of the year, it is good to watch out for the weather news to pick the right week or day for the event.

Having a good tent set up

Despite the impact of weather on your outdoor wedding event, we can work around the minor weather disturbances like drizzles with a good tent set up. With tenting, you need to make sure that you choose the right types of tents if not stronger winds or rains can damage the tents and incur you a lot of damage costs. On top of that they can also cause a disaster with the water and winds blowing through the decorations and affecting your guests.

Tents are good to keep away the hot and bright sun, and also spring rains which are usually drizzles. Anything more than that would require a change of plans to an indoor wedding or at least stronger tents put up on a sturdy ground, all secured and prepared for the weather conditions. You should also pay special attention to parts of the food layout like the cake table and the buffet tables to make sure they are firmly fixed onto the ground so that they don’t topple or fly off, which can cause a very disappointing and embarrassing situation. It would be a good idea to think about the set up of the food right while you are choosing the menu for your wedding!

Food safety is important

Remember to pick a food caterer who is experienced so that you are not exposing your guests to having food poisoning or any other gastric infections later on. The food prepared has to be fresh and served within a short period of time after preparation to avoid any mishaps. Food left outside too long can go stale and can cause problems especially with the elderly, children and the pregnant women, so take into consideration that your wedding is held outdoors and plan carefully for good food storage facilities during the event.


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