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How Do You Choose Your Wedding Guests?


One of the basic parts of planning your wedding day is to also make a list of the guests you are going to invite to the occasion. Choosing can somehow be emotional and stressful especially if you think there are some people who need to be dropped down the list. When things become difficult on this part of the endeavor, you should start hoping there is a way out of the problem. The good news is you can choose your wedding guests easier when you consider the tips below.

Think why you have to choose your guests in the first place

It can be for a couple of reasons like your budget or the size of the party you are planning to have. Even when you or your partner would end up hurting not being able to invite a few of the closest persons you have in your lives, you still have to come up with a solid decision regarding the matter. It is not like choosing to drop them for the rest of your lives. It is just for this occasion. Make sure there is making up time with them later.

Think of how big or small the wedding party is

You can always bring in more guests if you are planning a big wedding party. That would mean less of a problem when making a choice. It is as simple as checking who you want to be there as against those who would not really be so important for the occasion. The problem becomes severe when you have to eliminate more of the friends if you have a smaller party.

Planning a smaller party is better in terms of your budget but it can be mind boggling since it would mean sacrificing some of the treasures close to your hearts. Be practical when making a choice though. You can always invite fifty guests for each pair of groomsman and a bridesmaid.

Include people who can help you for the wedding day

They are important people to include in your list. They will always be there to you and act as your energy source whenever you feel exhausted planning for the occasion. They can either act as ushers or usherettes to your guests or become the hosts to your party. You cannot just drop them or else you might end up over-fatigued after the ceremony.

How many guests can your wedding caterers handle?

The capacity of these people should always form part of your consideration. They will be there to take up bulk of the work during the big day. They will also be able to give recommendations on your guest numbers based on the venue you have chosen and the budget you have.

Never feel you are obligated

Sometimes you are obliged because of certain factors. For one, it can be because you are working in an area where inviting politicians would be necessary. In another, it can also be due to the fact that you have an extended family and you know very well that uninviting one of these family members would mean heartbreaks later on. Remember, you are not at all obliged to bring them all in as your wedding guests. It is your day, after all. You have the right to choose who should come and who should not.

Prioritizing is the key to achieving a list of guests you should invite to your wedding celebration. It is a hierarchy of the most important people in your lives to the least important ones you can do away with. You and your soon-to-be partner should talk it over since you surely would want to make sure that your lists are cross-checked between the two of you.


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