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How To Boost Attendance At Your Next Corporate Event


Looking back at the last corporate event you have hosted, what came to your mind? Is it the food you served during the occasion? Is it the theme of the affair? Or is it the lack of 100% attendance you are expecting for the activity? With a low attendance in a previous event, do you think it would be necessary to host another one? But of course it would be. The focus of attention now would be to devise some ways by which you can boost attendance at your next corporate event. In this regard, it would be good to consider working on the following areas:

Choose your event’s location well

Make sure it is a strategic location that is accessible to your guests. The location, after all, creates an impact as to the attendance you will get during the occasion. It would be good to choose a location that is most favorable to where your guests are coming from. A place located midway, say ten to twenty minutes away from where your guests are residing at the moment. In case you have guests from out-of-town, you should make sure you have arranged with the finest hotels near the corporate event’s venue.

Make of social media platforms to promote your event

Everybody seems to be on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms. If you intend to boost attendance in your next event, it would be best to use them to inform your guests about everything that they should expect with the upcoming activity. Perhaps creating hash-tags will make promoting the event easier among your prospects. You know very well how social media these days can influence the decisions made by many people and you have to maximize that opportunity for better results for your corporate activity.

Make registration easier for your guests

The registration process can eat up much of your time if you intend for your guests to register on the day of the event itself. Eliminate all these difficulties and make the entire process a whole lot easier so your guests will sign up for the event. Online registration may be opted for since this is the most convenient choice for your consumers and peers in the business. Make sure you indicate the attendance fee in the registration form so that your guests will know about what they should pay for beforehand.

Add some incentives to the list

Incentives would include anything from raffle draws to benefit packages for all your attendees. What matters is to make sure the incentive has never been offered to them before. Make it as unique as possible and make sure the incentive is more than enough to encourage them to include that event of yours in their already very packed schedules. Make sure the incentive is included in your budget so that you would not be stressed out later on.

It is also about the food you will serve during the occasion

Sometimes you have to prioritize what your guests would love to have for their meals during the occasion. You can actually ask their suggestions during the registration or give them a list that they can consider for the food list. When you have done that, you can work with your caterer to make sure the meals will push through as planned and as suggested by your guests.

Boosting attendance on your next corporate event is quite challenging but if your consider the most important facets of doing so, you will be able to pass this test with flying colors. Never forget about what concerns your guest the most and let them have a say when it comes to what you are planning to serve during the occasion.


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