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How To Cater The Right Amount Of Food For Any Corporate Event

Be it that you are planning for a personal event or a business event, you usually would depend on the knowledge and the suggestions of your food caterer to advise you on the types of food that is going to be available based on the group of people attending. But there is more than just the types of foods that are going to be there, because on top of the quality, the quantity is very important as well. You need to make sure everyone has a hearty meal of food and drinks served to them in sufficient amounts but at the same time you would probably have an amount of money to work with as a budget.

Again, your caterer, if they are experienced, would easily judge and tell you the amount of food required for your event based on the number of people who are attending it. But if you are still in the stages of planning your budget, then here are some tips for you to work on the tricks of expert catering to minimize your cost yet provide for the number of people who are coming.

Do you have the answers to these key questions about the event with regards to catering?

You first need to know:

• What kind of event are you planning?

• What is the total number of people attending your event?

• How long will the whole event be?

These questions will guide you to the gauged amount of food and beverages you would need for the whole event. Remember the third question is important because it decides how many people are going to need second servings and how many people will likely be using the drink pitcher to quench their thirst throughout the event. The first question falls on this factor as well because the less filled the schedule of the event, the more chances for people to step out to have a snack or a drink.

For example, a business cocktail party which is just for a few hours would need barely any food – it probably just needs snacks but a lot of drinks compared to a marketing or an advertising event which is going to last for the whole day. Once you have answered these key questions in your mind, you can bring the plan to your food caterer for them to figure out then exactly what is the amount of food you need and what is the precise quantity of each type of food you would need. This is enough to design your entire menu for the event.

The amount of appetizers you need for the event


Appetizers may be the main part of your menu or might be just a beginning feature of your menu, depending on what type of event you are organizing. Having short events during times like the early afternoons or evenings would mean that people generally would have their meals either before or after the event, so that calls for your menu to be designed around the appetizers. However, if your event lasts for long hours and if it takes up the time of at least one meal of the day, then your appetizers would just be a introducer before the meal comes in. This means that the importance of the appetizers is significantly less.

• For example, for cocktail parties or for a simple ice breaking session with no dinner given after that, you can decide on at least 10 to 15 appetizers per head. If the food layout is in buffet style then you might need even more because when served on their own, people tend to take more.

• Having events during lunch time with lunch provided means you can cut down the number of appetizers to less than 5 per person.

• Having events during evening time with dinner provided would mean that each person is likely to have about 2 to 5 appetizers, so you can work around that number as well.


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