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How To Choose the Perfect Location For Your Rehearsal Dinner

For any successful wedding to take place there are various proceedings that must take place. A wedding rehearsal dinner is one of the things that must be organized. Generally, it is usually the big start to any wedding event. At most times, people like to host these rehearsal dinners the night before the wedding ceremony. It is just a great way to interact with your friends and your new family. The relaxation is usually needed before you embark on your big day. Whether you choose to host your rehearsal dinner in a restaurant or a private hall, there are various steps that you must follow to make the dinner enjoyable for everyone on your guest list.


Have a budget

This should be a top consideration. Having or formulating a budget should be your top priority. Most people usually have the funds for the rehearsal dinner incorporated in the funds that cater for the whole wedding. It is advisable that you treat a rehearsal dinner as a very different entity. If you choose to combine the two ensure that the dinner only takes a small portion of the wedding’s funds. Allocate enough resources to cater for everything that will be required, having a bad rehearsal dinner is seen as a jinx to any wedding ceremony.

The theme

Every rehearsal dinner should have a theme. Choose whether you want a formal dinner or a more laid back type of shindig. If you are having a formal wedding it is usually wise to have a non-formal dinner. This is because you will have made the look of your wedding stale due to the fact that your dinner and wedding are going to be similar in some ways. Choose what you prefer and better yet consult with your fiancé.

Have a guest list

Ensure that you send out RSVPs to the people you want to attend your rehearsal dinner. These days you can never be too sure. You do not want crushers at your event so ensure you have a guest list. You should keep it within your family and friends and ensure that the dinner remains in your financial boundaries. Do not spend too much because you will have to balance out the deficit you will have brought up.

Choose a convenient location

When choosing where to host your dinner make sure that you think of your guests. You do not want grumpy guests at your dinner. Choose a very neutral place which will be convenient for every attendant if you have guests who are from out of town, you will have to bear the fact that they might not be familiar with your surroundings. Choose conspicuous venues such as restaurants. Also, they should be within regions that do not require complex directions to get to.

Choose your refreshments wisely

In this world today, allergies are springing up from everywhere. Consider that some of your guests might be vegans and others might be lactose intolerant. Have a buffet menu instead of the la carte menu. This is because people will choose what they are comfortable consuming. This will give your dinner a looser atmosphere. It is obvious that you might not be privy to all that information, but make a few concessions to keep your guests happy.

Ask for recommendations

It is always good to ask for a helping hand. Talk to people who are recently married and ensure they give you tips on what they did on their dinner. This will give you a rough idea on what to expect. You are going to know how to deal with various incidents.

Now that you know what to do when choosing a rehearsal dinner venue, take a look at our facilities to determine if they can be a good match for your needs.


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