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Choosing a restaurant for a date can often be a tricky task. You will want to find somewhere that is intimate without being too pretentious, as well as somewhere that has great service and serves up delicious food. Finding and selecting the perfect restaurant needn’t be difficult providing that you follow these simple tips.

Find Out What They Like

The first step is to find out what type of food your date likes – and what type of food they hate. Also be sure to find out if your date has any special dietary requirements, such as being a vegan, a vegetarian or on a gluten free diet. The night is sure to be a fail if you take a vegetarian to a steak house! Finding out their favourite types of food will help you to narrow down exactly what you are looking for, and make the search a little easier.

Broaden Your Horizons

You may already have a favourite spot in mind, but before you make a reservation it is worth having a search to see what else is around in the area. You never know, you may find something extra special that your date will really love. The best place to search for restaurants is online. All of the top restaurants will be listed on Tripadvisor and they will also have a website which will show more information on what they offer as well as their contact information.

Ask Friends and Family

It’s always worth asking friends and family if they can recommend a restaurant to you. You will know that they are honest and recommending somewhere nice; just make sure that they have the same tastes and standards as you.


When it comes to choosing a restaurant for a date, the ambience plays an important role as to how suitable it is. You will need to choose somewhere which has exactly the right balance. Somewhere too formal could make your date feel uncomfortable, while somewhere that is really noisy and informal will not be the best place to woo someone. Privacy and a romantic venue is also an important thing when it comes to a restaurant dates. An establishment that caters for lots of children may not be suitable for your date as it could be noisy. You can try and get a feel for the restaurant by looking at the photographs on the restaurant’s website.


It is essential that you check the reputation of the restaurants to make sure that you pick a place that provides high quality service and serves up delicious food. There are several ways that you can find reviews online. The first is to take a look on TripAdvisor. You will often find plenty of reviews from past diners on their restaurant experience. You can also check out their social networking pages as sometimes they have star ratings for their performance on there.

Check it Out

Once you have narrowed down your search to several restaurants that you like the look of, then you may want to go and check them out in person. This doesn’t mean that you have to go and dine at them solo. Instead, you can just quickly pop in or have a peek through the window to get an idea of the atmosphere. Hopefully this last step will help you to choose the perfect spot. Make sure that you book with plenty of time in advance so that you get the best table.

Follow our advice and you will be set to choose a great restaurant that your date will love. Good luck!


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