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How To Choose The Right Glassware For A Wedding Catering Event


We’ve handpicked some tips for you to think about when you are choosing glassware for your grand wedding catering event. Be it that your event is going to have wine or just juice, choosing the appropriate glassware for what is going to be served is really important in forming an impression with your guests. You can definitely go by the suggestions made by the registry but each couple has their own likes and dislikes and the key in every wedding is that the couple is happy with the elements on display for their wedding. As long as you have these following tips and key ideas in mind, you can go on to choosing a range of glassware for the wedding couple to make their final choice on happily.

The material of the glassware

We all know that glassware is definitely going to be made up of glass, but here we are talking about some exceptional additions to your entire set. There are going to be people from all age groups attending the wedding, including young children and elderly. Young children are likely to be more careless with their grips and their small hands, while elderly may have problems like arthritis making it difficult for them to handle such fragile items. So it might be worthwhile to add a few exceptions to your glassware set, like acrylic tumblers, which would cater better to certain people who prefer acrylic over glass.

If not, you can play around with the glassware itself by adding in more durable glass items rather than those that are fragile and would break easily. Highly durable glassware are able to withstand chips, breaks, cracks and scratches if you are worried that you might need to cover a lot of damage charges later on.

Consider the specific usage of the glassware

Not every wedding is going to feature wine, so wedding catering glassware does not always mean catering with wine glasses. Some couples prefer beer to be the main flow in their event and thus would need beer glasses more than wine glasses. If not, other drinks that might be in preference are cocktails and those need specific cocktail glasses to be served. If you are looking at an event where all kinds of drinks are in favor then have a good blend of all of these glassware to serve your people better.

Even while we are just talking about wine, different types of wine need different type of glasses! It would be best for you to get the specific details on what drinks are to be served so that you can arrange for the glassware appropriately to avoid any complaints or disappointments later on.

The functionality of the glassware

Remember that like any other good, glassware can be faulty as well. At the store the glass items can look elegant and stylish, but you would also need to make sure they serve the function well without having any problems for your guests. Do not be scared or shy to ask for a jug of water for you to test the glassware out, to make sure they are also sturdy as well as stylish when there is a glass of liquid in it. If it passes the water test then you can be sure that you would not be facing any complaints with red wine tumbling down on people’s clothes on the day of the wedding!

Also make sure during the water test that the glassware is not easily knocked off when they are placed on a table while being full with liquid. Some glassware has a very slim stem that it is not able to support a cup filled with a drink and they are easily knocked off with the slightest shakes to the table.


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