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How To Ensure You Eat Healthy At An Italian Restaurant

Since Italian restaurants became a hit, everybody wants a piece of them. Basically, it is normal that human beings will like anything that is different and at the same time foreign. Italian dishes are usually very sweet to be honest and since they brought pizza to our wonderful lands no one can complain. I mean, think about your life without pizza, it would be truly sad, healthier but sad. Their delicacies are usually rich and calorie laden. The dishes are tasty, but they do not have very good implications for your health. Their dishes are not always the healthiest options, but do not fret, it is indeed possible to eat healthy in an Italian restaurant. Here’s how.


Skip their bread

The bread is usually in almost every Italian dish. It is one of the most important components of any Italian meal. The bad news is that it is a snare for the unwary. The very common garlic bread sticks or garlic bread itself is usually saturated with butter or even oil. This increases the cholesterol levels in your body. Also, do not trust the cheesy breads when it comes to your health. They are often sweet, but they harbor a lot of cholesterol in those tiny slices. If you’re going for alternatives you can consume the plain Italian bread or bruschetta these two can act as appetizers and they won’t have a negative effect on your health in the long run.

Be careful with the appetizers

You should choose your appetizers carefully. This is because most of these Italian restaurants often have high calorie appetizers. With a calorie laden appetizer imagine what the main course meal will have in store for you. Choose healthy appetizers, not necessarily salads, but try out marinated vegetables on the antipasto saucers you will get. They are usually served together with cheese, but the health implications of cheese are not that encouraging too.

If you have to consume some cheese choose the feta cheese it is a much healthier option. You should also choose a bowl of soup as your appetizer this is because you cannot trust anything fried. The fried foods offered in an Italian restaurant are mostly cheese cubes which are fried and fried mozzarella sticks, looking at the fat content in these two meals you will surely think twice before you chew them down.

Be more open to the salads

You should try out the Italian Insalata as they are called. Salads are usually very healthy and they won’t affect your health in a way you will regret. Also with salads be careful of the dressing you choose. If they are too rich you might be in for a rude shock. The dressings are usually what makes a salad sweet. If the salads are dipped in oil or fried avoid them, go for the more conservative plain Caesar salad. They are usually a good choice if you want to maintain your body health.

Avoid the cheese

It will seem very hard because I mean, what is an Italian dish without cheese. The trick is to avoid any dish that has cheese added to it when it is being prepared. Melted cheese is usually very detrimental. Ask for the meals that use cheese as an additive. This means the meal is prepared first and the cheese acts as a dressing. Asking for half the ration of cheese on your meals is a giant step forward. You will be able to feel the taste of cheese in your meal and you don’t have to worry about the chees sipping away the meal’s taste.

Now that you know how to handle yourself in an Italian restaurant, give us a call if you are looking for an Italian restaurant in downtown Denver. Bon appétit!


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