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How To Give Your Clients A Wow Experience

Customer satisfaction is important for your business as it is an indication that you are meeting your customer’s expectation. You will find that a satisfied client is more likely to refer your services or company to other people. However, a customer who is not satisfied will more likely spread the news much faster than a satisfied one. It is wise to ensure that you do not promise your clients something that you might find hard to deliver because failure to reach your clients’ expectations can lead to loss of business especially if you are not clear and honest on what your company can deliver. So, how exactly do you impress your customers to improve customer satisfaction?

Treat your clients with respect

If you wish to leave a lasting impression on your client, then you should start treating them with utmost respect and not see them only as your paycheck. Remember their names, upcoming projects, launches and even their birthdays. Most companies have scripts which they follow especially when communicating with the clients over the phone. However, very few of them actually engage the customer on what is going on in their lives. This is a great way to show them that you actually see them as valued stakeholders.

This is very rare in the business world and you will find there are customers who will not want to engage in this kind of talk. Your active listening will come in to play to help you identify such clients and move on to business. For new clients, you can send a welcome package where you indicate the company process, contact numbers, systems in use and anything else needed to get them started.

As for existing clients, you can send them gift baskets during particular holidays like the Christmas season. You will also need to be flexible and personalize your business strategies to suit different clients. This will ensure that you meet all your clients’ expectation and thus exceed your customer satisfaction goals and objectives.

Provide a solution and an instantaneous response

In the world of social media, customers will get irate if they have to wait for a couple of minutes before they can get a response to queries or complaints. Social media is a great way to have a meaningful interaction within seconds on first contact with your customer. You can use a simple phrase such as “Thank you for contacting us” or “I am working on your request”.

Remember to provide a time frame within which you will provide the next update or resolution. This will wow your customer because the specific details shared and fast delivery shows that you truly care for the customer. Always look for a way to provide a solution to the client even if it means referring them to a partner whom your company has used in the past.

Go the extra mile

Most companies make the mistake of just following what the client requests without questioning it. While it is true that the customer is always right, you might be missing a great chance to impress your client by going the extra mile. If your company can afford to, you should consider offering a free gift or resource for a certain period of time. Most people are impressed by free things and in real sense, this will end up being free advertisement as they use the product. You can also offer complementary services at a discount since they are already an existing client.

Going the extra mile also means going out of your way to honor the partnership you have with them. You can contact us at Venice Ristorante where we can provide you with a fabulous corporate event space in Denver where you can invite your clients out for lunch or hold service review meetings at a corporate setting that they will be impressed by.


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