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How To Know If Your Catered Italian Food Is Cooked In A Healthy Way


Catering Italian food for both personal events and for professional events is becoming too common nowadays. The Italian cuisine has been on the rise for the past decade and everyone around the world is becoming aware of it and is enjoying it heartily. As such, catering to Italian foods are becoming more widely and easily available. But how sure are we when it comes to knowing if the Italian food in the catering business is cooked in a healthy way?

The basics of Italian foods sure revolve around a healthy way of cooking, like including olive oil instead of other types of oil and etc. However, caterers do not necessary follow the authentic means of cooking Italian foods all the time and there has to be some ways for you to counter check if the food being made for you is made in a healthy way. Here in this article, we are going to run through with you such ways for you to deduce the standards of Italian cooking from caterers for you to make an informed and wise choice.

Ingredients will be kept to the according seasons

Italian cooking is all about following the seasons, and healthy food is thus made because cooks follow the respective produce of the season. They don’t just simply add anything that pleases their palates, and they go by the weather and the produce of the season to give a fresh taste. Italian food caterers should ideally have a similar plan, as having the exact same practices would not be possible in a different country. But they too, even in a different country, appreciate and provide the different seasons’ flavors in their catering because Italian cuisine has to be represented through all its healthy forms.

Pasta will not be the main feature of the Italian buffet

Yes, pasta is Italian food, but it is not the only Italian food there is. Making pasta the hero of every Italian buffet the company does means that they are not well-versed with the real Italian cuisine. Pasta should not be given to a person in more than a certain amount, which is usually about 120 grams. Many places make the mistake of cooking a whole bag of pasta just for a few people and they also tend to overcook the pasta. Over cooking the pasta increases its glycemic index so make sure that mistake is not carried out by the caterer, as this is including in unnecessary health harms and calories into the meal. Having pasta cooked properly can also help you get full faster and it keeps you full for a longer time, so it would help on snacking after having a meal

The oils that are used

As mentioned before, Italian cuisine has many ways for it to be healthy and one of it is using Olive oil instead of other kinds of oil. By olive oil, we mean good quality olive oil which is much better than other kinds of oils in terms of having lowered cholesterol and fats in general. Extra virgin olive oil would be the best choice because it has a lot of the good fats like mono unsaturated fatty acids and also Omega 3, along with anti-oxidants which help you fight against illnesses and cancers.

Using fish

Having oily fish in Italian dishes is a way for them to turn their dishes more healthy as well, so look out if your caterers for Italian food have included this in their buffet menus. Fish is a crucial component of the Italian cuisine and diet and more specifically, shellfish is used as part of their meals. Shellfish are rich in nutrients and it is almost always part of an Italian seafood platter for appetizers, so make sure your Italian caterer has this as well!


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