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How To Make Wedding Food Speak About Your Personality

Every component of your wedding speaks about who you and your partner are as individuals. From your wedding gown to your choice of venue, there is always something you want that is added to it. Even your food choice is not an exemption to the rule. You may wonder how you can make your wedding food speak about your personality. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

Simply start thinking of your favorite food


This is the best way to begin your journey to exploring the ways on how you can make your wedding food bring out your personality. If you love cake then by all means add cake into your list of desserts. If you love poultry dishes then you can always focus on that as part of your main dish. If you are a vegetarian then there must be one dish in your menu that will be exclusive for vegetarians.

Honor your culture

We are born in different ‘worlds’ with different cultures to be proud of. If you want your food to show-off that side of your personality, that is your cultural heritage, then you can always incorporate that in your wedding banquet. For instance if you are from South Korea, you can end up the night with your favorite Korean barbeque. For those of you who are from China, dumplings can be added to your menu. Italians would certainly include the pasta dish of their choice in their entrĂ©e.

Try to tell your “where we met” story with your food

This can be very difficult for some of you but if you met in a restaurant or a candy store then you can simply showcase that into your food fair for the big day. You can set-up a table where all the sweet treats can be found and add a tag line atop that to tell your story. You can also add a note on the reception tables with a brief of your love story included in it.

Name a drink after something memorable to you

If you are serving cocktail drinks during your post-wedding party, then it would be good to name that drink after you or anything important to you. For instance, you have margarita served for your guests, you can call that drink “Margarita on the Caribbean” (in case you are spending your honeymoon in the Caribbean islands.) Anything like that can somehow make your guests presume that you have carefully planned the event according to your personal choices.

Try a ‘His and Hers’ table

While you may soon be a couple who have to share each other’s favorites, remember that you are also bound to grow with your differences. That does not mean you have to change each other for the intention of being able to comply with what the other likes. In this regard then, you should try to embrace your differences by showing that with that food in your wedding banquet. You can have a ‘His and Hers’ table at the reception area where the his section would showcase favorite foods of the groom and the hers section showcasing what the bride loves to munch on.

There is indeed a list of different ways on how your wedding food can show your personality. You can follow all the rules above or you can also try combining a tip or two to make it work. You can also stick to only one rule that will work best for the occasion. In any of the choices you make from what has been listed above, you can always consider hiring our services. We will make sure that your food choices will be in line with who you are as a person.


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