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Before planning your big day in Denver, it is important to understand the dos and don’ts of event decor and design. The right décor will help to enhance the event while poor décor can mar the entire experience. When planning your wedding, you need to ensure that the décor works to complement the special event. Think about your theme and find out the best ways to incorporate your special requirements in the overall design. Using a professional event planner can be the best thing that you can do for your day.

Consider different ideas


Working with a seasoned professional, discuss different décor ideas for your wedding. Make sure that you hire a well-respected professional with a proven track record. This will help you to save money, time and energy. Do your homework and view the person’s work before you sign the contract. You need to know that this is an important decision that will go a long way in dictating the success of your event. You may have ideas that you have held on to since your teens but it helps to listen to someone with experience. Consider different ideas before you come up with the best results.

Planning a site visit

Make sure that you go on a site visit before you start planning the decor. You should know that not all venues will appropriately fit the installation requirements that you may want for your event. Visiting different Denver wedding venues will help you to choose what works for you. It helps to measure the space available and ensure that you check it twice. Using a special event professional will help to ensure that you secure the important details that include amenities available, any noise restrictions and other foreseeable issues. You should make design decisions with regard to the venue you choose.

The power of color

When choosing décor, it is a good idea to learn about different colors and understand what they convey. While you are likely to have fixed ideas about your color scheme, you should know that colors can affect the atmosphere of your event. Color can intensify certain emotions and you need to consider this when making your color selections. You should also find out the colors that work well together to avoid clashing that can be quite unattractive. Experts agree that color can make or break your event. Get a copy of the Pantone colors to find out the right shade of a color for your event décor.

Your guests’ perspective

Walk through the venue and try to see everything from the attendee’s perspective. Think about how the guests will see the event so that you can determine the best décor type and placement. You can be sure that your guests’ needs are met by looking through the facilities. Think about issues of safety and comfort and consider ease of movement, finding restrooms and other locations. Talk to the management about issues like lighting, air conditioning and other factors.

First impressions count

The first impression will help to set the mood of your event. Setting a poor first impressions can ruin your special day and it is something that should be avoided at all costs. People have a way of remembering the bad things that happen at weddings in Denver. Some things that can ruin your wedding include failing to have a welcoming committee, unfriendly staff and poor decor and seating arrangements. Think about the small but important details that can set the tone for your event.

Well, thinking small when planning your wedding décor can work against you. When it comes to the design, consider using floral and statement décor that will leave a good impression. You can create décor that everyone will remember using beautiful entrance flowers, a dramatic bar, beautifully colored carpet and other features and accessories. Avoid cutting corners when it comes to safety and make contingency plans for any emergencies.


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