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How To Throw A Last Minute Office Party Like A Pro

Having a last minute office party and you are in charge? Fear not because time doesn’t matter when it comes to throwing an awesome party for your colleagues! Here are our top tips on how to throw a last minute office party like a boss that your colleagues will be impressed that this has been planned for months. Read on to know more.

Keep the concept of the party simple


Firstly, stop panicking and just keep the ideas simple. If your intention was to have a simple and neat party, even if you have been planning for months the frills would not have been added. And having a simple party means you have less work to do with fewer props to get. You just need some space, for which it might be available in your office building itself, some decorations and of course food.

You also need a few more aspects covered like having a theme for the party so people can come dressed accordingly and also a few games and prizes. If your intention is to keep it simple for your office members to just relax and speak to each other like friends rather than colleagues to know each other more, then it is more than enough to have a simple party schedule with a lot of time for mingling around. Honestly, many people would prefer having a chilled time with their co-workers rather than a fun packed night with tones of games which would just drain people more than how tired they already are after work!

Get an area to have it

As mentioned before, to have a party you first need a venue. If it is possible, you can easily just get the space in your office itself or in your office building, so people do not need to worry extra about getting to a new place just for the office party. Especially since the party is last minute, it would be rather hard to go on to book a brand new venue more so if any special occasions are around the corner. Honestly, your office space would do the job better than anywhere else as people would be very familiar with the space and layout already, and some simple twigging around of furniture can give you a fresh new look for the venue that can easily impress people.

Make sure you get food!

One of the most important things or rather the only thing many people look for in an office party is having good food together. So do not negotiate on the quantity and the quality of food that you are going to get your staff. Even if you have a small budget to work with, make sure you allocate enough money for food.

Most likely, you can’t make the food yourself and it would be too late to introduce the idea to have pot luck to plan that is going to make and bring what, so the best solution is to get a trusted caterer to take over the work for you for a price which is worth the value. Hire a good catering company who is experienced enough to work with your last minute requirements and maybe you can help the company out by handling desserts and drinks in a pot luck fashion.

This would help out the situation as especially during busy seasons, the catering companies would prefer having an earlier notice which you cannot accommodate to anymore. So by cutting the amount they would need to provide to you, they are more likely to taking up and working with your request.


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