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How To Throw An Awesome Company Award Party This Year

It helps to add a creative twist to your events, especially when you are planning a company award party for the employees. You will want to organize a party that surpasses all expectations. If your company also encourages its employees to strive for excellence, innovation and attention to details, you will need to convey these qualities in your event as well! Below are the top tips to help you create a wonderful and awesome company award party in 2015.


Customized menus

Carefully thought and customized menus can do wonders when you need to reflect your company’s energy and reward employees with gourmet dishes. At formal events, we would suggest that you serve plated dinners such as grilled salmon with lemon aioli with a sauté of haricots verts. Also, we would recommend that you try one of our entrées from Eclectic Creations Catering. Don’t forget to include dishes that are suitable for vegans as well as gluten-free menu options to make sure everyone is well catered for and enjoys the dining experience.

Delectable desserts

To reward your employees for their hard work this year, you can let them indulge in a collection of couture desserts. You can serve dessert trays that include Crespelle alle Noccioli, Torta Formaggio, Profiteroles and Tiramisu. Our small pans cater up to 10 people and 14 for larger pans. You might also consider extras such as mini mousse shooters made from blueberry basil or petite cupcakes that are topped with salted caramel.

Create striking party fliers

Before the event, you have to give out notices to your employees of the upcoming company award party. The fliers should contain all necessary information like guest information, RSVP, location and time. Remember to present these details with exceptional flair. The look of the flyer should jump out at employees with bright company logos or colors, eye-catching images and matching fonts that adhere to your corporate style. You may also email these invitations through email to your employee’s spouses or significant others.

Put some of the best projects in the spotlight

If you recognize the talents of your employees, especially those who enjoy public speaking and are particularly proud of their recent works, you may offer them the chance to present their past projects that were successful enough to benefit the company.

Ensure presentations are all-inclusive

As part of any company award party, awards and thank you speeches are essential. Hence, ensure that your award categories cover all departments, milestones and talents. It is pertinent that your award venue is set up with proper equipment for all guests to easily hear and respond when prizes are given out.

Unique thank-you gifts

You should consider high-end gifts for your employees, and ensure these gifts can provide practical use on a regular basis. You can customize these gifts with your company’s main colors and logo. These will serve well as a thank you gift and a constant reminder that your company recognizes and appreciates hard work.

A floor plan that encourages crowds to mingle with each other

Although company awards night are considered as formal parties, you would still want to encourage your attendees to relax and enjoy the night with good company. The furniture and layout of your venue is a major factor on how the party flows. We would suggest that your disperse lounge furniture selectively to open up plenty of space for a high-energy event that serves appetizers and cocktail.

Professional and gracious staff

The team from your catering service should reinforce your corporate values which include appreciation for all employees. Your event staff should make it a point to greet all attendees with a warm, friendly smile as well as sincere admiration.

At Eclectic Creations Catering, we provide social events catering and our event designer will help ensure your event is extra special and leave everyone with good memories.


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