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When looking at different options for event room setups, there are some important factors to consider. The first thing you should think about is the reason for the event. Understand the event’s objectives and remember that the design you choose is vital to ensuring that the meeting’s goals are met. Matching the design to the meeting content is an important step to planning a successful meeting. Learning the different room setups will help you to choose the best configuration for your event.

After you determine your goals and objectives, the next issues to consider include the speaker’s needs, the audiovisual requirements and effective traffic flow. Consider the accommodation, safety and comfort of all the participants. If your program includes food and beverages, you need to review the room’s access to the food service. You need to decide whether to get the functions inside or outside the main meeting room. The size and shape of the room will determine the configuration you should have.

Auditorium or theater style


If you are setting up for a large group and writing is not necessary, the theatre style is ideal. This is also a set up that you can use where food is not being served. In this style, the chairs are set in several rows facing a focal point that is usually the stage or speaker. It is important to remember that most standard meeting room chairs tend to be narrow and are not always suitable for most people’s bodies. Talk to the venue about leaving adequate room for optimal comfort. This can reduce the capacity of the room but it will ensure comfort. Fire codes and capacity restrictions will dictate the chair and spacing arrangements.

Conference style

This style is ideal for small groups where interaction between the attendees is necessary. The participants are seated around tables where they have a direct view of all their colleagues in order to facilitate discussions. You need to specify the type of table arrangements that you need depending on your meeting’s objectives. The tables can be arranged in different styles including boardroom, U-Shape, T-Shape, Hollow Square, multi-sided shapes and banquet style. If you require food and beverages, think about the setup that will work best for your meeting.

Classroom style

If the meeting attendees need to write or use computers, the classroom style setup is best. This setup leaves minimal interaction between the participating individuals and it is ideal for training meetings and lectures. The chairs are set facing the stage at 6 or 8-foot tables facing the presenter. The standard seating is usually 3 individuals for a 6-foot table and 4 for 8-foot tables. If need be, you can arrange the seating to allow more workspace for the attendees. This style or setup is ideal for sessions that do not include entertainment. The best corporate event space in Greenwood Village will ensure that you meet your objectives.

Combination setups

For large meetings or conventions that have a quick turnaround and movement between meals and meeting functions, you should consider a combination of different styles. You can have a theater-style setup as well as banquet tables in a different location for the different functions. The setup will allow the attendees to move from one function to the next easily and conveniently without the need for major changes to the overall room setup. The number of attendees and size of the room will determine how practical the combination setup will be.

Regardless of the setup that you choose, you need to consult the services manager about the setup that works best in the facility. At the end of the day, if you are serving food you have to make sure that the setup allows the attendees to enjoy their meals conveniently. You can facilitate an effective learning environment while providing the best atmosphere for meals and other activities.


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