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Need Fast Catering Ideas For A Last-Minute Event? Choose From This List!

Whether you have undertaken the task of organizing an event for your company or a social event, one of the most important aspects of the event is food and beverages. Planning for the aforementioned should not be stressful as you can hire a catering service. Then you would wonder what style of catering service is best for your upcoming event? Below is a quick overview of the available options that are offered by most caterers.


Set menus

When you opt for a set menu, each guest is served with one option per course. In most instances, there will be a plated meal, and it will be placed in front of each guest. This is what they will be eating unless they notify the caterer that one or few of the guests needs to adhere to special dietary requirements. Set menus sets the pace for faster service and are ideal for business events or corporate lunches where guests are not expected to stay over their meals.

Table buffets, shared and collective menus

Today, it is unlikely that most would go for traditional buffet as they are not exactly trendy in today’s context. Table buffets on the other hand, are fast turning into the preferred way of serving up meals at intimate staff parties, intimate corporate events and weddings. Basically, this is a menu that is served on large plates or platters in the center of the table and guests can help themselves to the food. Table buffets are also known as family service as they allow guests and diners to share meals together like how a family would at home.

Buffet services

Traditional buffets are set up in a way that guests have to queue up in single files past big bowls of hot and cold food, either helping themselves or wait for the person behind the station to serve up the food. Certain events and venues can get away with this type of catering, but you have to take caution to not make the whole scene look too mess hall-like. Today’s caterers do a great job at styling up the buffet. All in all, there is always a time and place for this type of catering service, and that includes casual BBQs, corporate hospitality, conferences and working lunches.

Stand up catering services

Stand up venues allow guests to mingle as food and drinks are served around in trays by wait staff. This is ideal for events where you want invitees to circulate among themselves. For example, guests need the space to move around as they get to know people at networking events. Nowadays, weddings are also into this kind of catering service. Unlike other catering styles which involves sitting a table, this service allows guests to be more sociable.

Multiple food stations

Multiple food stations are perfect for staff Christmas parties, weddings and long cocktail events, and it is best served in conjunction with a complete cocktail service. Food stations like these are similar to a buffet in the sense that invitees make their way to where the food is spread out, and the food are usually served in bite-sized forms – you can just pick up what you like and walk away with it.

A la carte

You will be handed a menu when you are at your table, and you will be instructed beforehand to notify a waiter once you have selected a dish. You’re a la carte meal will then whisked out to you not long after. A la carte services are common in many restaurants, but rarely used at events. If your budget allows and you are willing to spend a little more, this style of service is right for you, especially if your event is a small gathering.

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