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Planning For A Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour For Your Wedding?


Bridal showers and stag parties here and there plus all the things that will take place during the wedding day itself – you will certainly feel tired thinking about it. Some of you would rather drop the so-called pre-ceremony cocktail event for the mere fact that you do not want to be preoccupied with many activities to host before your wedding day. But adding this simple affair to your endeavor would be a good choice, as you would soon find out.

Why is it necessary?

A pre-ceremony cocktail hour may sound unnecessary but considering the many benefits that it will bring, you would surely love the idea of adding it in your wedding plans. It can define another hour of mingling with friends before you get tired to the person of your dreams. That can be enough reason to actually consider the event but add to that are more practical reasons that make it well worth it.

It means more fun for you as the person who will get wed soon. Come to think of the hassles you may face during the wedding day itself. It can mean focusing more on your guests during that day and spending less time thinking about yourself. With a pre-ceremony cocktail hour planned, you can give yourself a breather before the actual day comes. This can likewise be a short ‘meet and greet’ occasion for your guests who barely know each other.

The ceremony can also be one good thing to give other people the chance to party even before they get late for your wedding ceremony itself. Come to think of the fact that there are some people who are habitually late in many occasions. Attending your wedding day will never be an exception for these individuals too. If you plan a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, they might just make it on time to party with all your other guests.

How should you plan for the pre-ceremony cocktail hour?

There are a few things you can do to be able to enjoy all the benefits of a pre-wedding cocktail hour. Make sure that you and your partner are given some room during the event. It is like seating on your presidential table on the wedding day. You can serve as the host to your own party but if you want lesser stress during the event, you might as well ask a friend to do it for you. Your best man or your maid of honor may also take that role for you.

Another factor to make the event more successful and stress-free is to make sure you keep it simple. Leave the real party to the wedding reception that comes after the wedding ceremony. You can have a structure of the program and make sure you follow that to the letter. You can have a time limit and you better stick to it. You do not want your guests getting drunk that they will not be able to attend your big day.

Let your wedding caterer do the job

Perhaps, you have already thought of using your wedding caterer to do the job. If that is the case then hats off to you. You can coordinate with them as to how the meals should be done. Check to ensure that the drinks have low alcohol content too. Request a mini-bar to be set up at that corner of the room where the party will be held.

If you are thinking of hosting pre-ceremony cocktail hour for your loved ones and friends, you can always do that. Remember to simply ask for the help of your wedding caterer to assist you in this endeavor so that you need not work too much just to make the party become a pleasurable experience.


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