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Top Tips For Choosing The Right Colors For Your Corporate Event Banquet

Are you hosting a corporate event? For sure, there is a theme at the back of your mind. If you want the event to work well and to gain extra attention from your guests though, it would be good to consider putting in the right elements in it. You do not want your guests to presume that you are serving the usual stuff, having the traditional theme and sticking to the monochromatic identity that is very common in many corporate events. It would be good to choose the right colors to go with the occasion.

Why choose the right colors for your corporate event in the first place? It is simply for the fact that you want it to be memorable and inviting to your guests. You do not want them to sit there in boredom. If you want to standout then you can always have the perfect color scheme to complement your event’s theme. So whether you are hosting formal dinners or rather having a fun corporate reception, you can always pick from the many color options available.

Vibrant colors to brighten up the mood

A choice of vibrant colors will brighten up the mood in an event. You can incorporate such colors in your food banquet. For instance, you can choose to have the usual American favorite recipe called bacon-wrapped shrimp then place it atop a serving of corn pudding. Additionally, you can also order crab crostini that is perfect for summer. You can see how oranges and yellows can accentuate your tables like no other food can. For dessert, you can serve lemon gelato combined with lemoncello placed inside a decorative champagne flute. With these food options on the table, you are sure to keep your guests coming for more.

Create a food station with the most appetizing delights

A food station standing right in the corner of a corporate event’s halls can bring warmth to the hearts of your guests. They can feel their stomach’s crumbling in anticipation of what is served in that corner. Make it colorful with cheeses, flavorful olive oils as well as fresh fruits and vegetables on display. Even the pickiest eaters will surely be surprised that there is one thing that will match their palate.

Pizzas can be sitting down there in your Mediterranean-inspired station or you can also bring in some green beans and purple cauliflowers on the table. All of these appetizers are sure to match any corporate event theme from those with fabulous decors and colorful displays to one that is stylishly formal and remarkably subdued. That can pair very well with playful blue colors in the background or even velvety brown accents too.

Serve cool drinks in different colors


Have you been used to serving cocktail drinks during a corporate dinner or sodas for corporate luncheon parties? Your guests may even predict what you are serving next if these beverages have been a usual part of your menu from time to time. Change those options to cool and refreshing drinks that come in different colors. You can serve blue soda or green apple. Yellow lemonade and red margarita can also be a good choice depending on what time of the day you are hosting the party. Playing with the color of your drinks may be a first time for you but there is certainly no harm in trying.

If you want your color choices to go well with your corporate event’s theme, you can always consider seeking help from catering experts like us. We can help plan your menu for you and bring out the color and fun you always want to incorporate either in your formal business occasions or in your fun and hip corporate festivities.


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