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There is a certain misconception that people associate with wedding rehearsal venues that is often misleading. That they are formal affairs and should always be held in either catering halls or restaurants couldn’t be much further away from the truth than it already is. Consequently, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to selecting them which are sure to delight you and your guests. It really does not matter if you are after the classic setting or the more innovative and casual one, there is one suited for every couple.

Restaurant options


The idea that you will need to wash and clean if you hold the rehearsal at your home makes the restaurant an enticing option. This is because you will get to enjoy and relax with your guests while other people cater to your needs and do all the cleaning. Therefore, selecting a restaurant that is not only meaningful for you as the couple, but also your guests is sure to make the rehearsal a success.

You may opt for the high-end restaurant for the dinner, which will assist you in coming up with a pre-planned menu for the dinner thereby cutting down on cost. Alternatively, you can opt for somewhere less costly such as casual restaurants which are always delighted in helping you come up with a less costly menu.

Dinner at home

If you are looking for simplicity, then doing the wedding rehearsal at home is the best venue. This allows for the dinner to be relaxed and intimate allowing time for everyone to direct their attention to the couple. Instead of cooking, you can have it catered. This is because many places offer in-house catering which lessen your burden greatly. Your only task here is to choose from the various caterers such as barbeque joints, Italian restaurants or even Mexican restaurants.

If you are short on space, you can also hold a buffet. This allows you to entertain everyone equally. To enable people serve themselves, you can have the dishes placed on a separate counter. When finished serving, your guests can then sit wherever they like. This will allow them to feel at home while freely mingling without feeling pressured to make small talk with people are not comfortable with. You can even hire, catering chairs for the event so that everyone is comfortable.

Banquet room booking

With the different seasons and climates occurring, there is also the option of using a large banquet room. While you may think that you only have to be contented with restaurants, you can inquire if there are any family members who have large indoor spaces in their homes that you may use. Alternatively, you can do the rehearsal in community centers or parks that are present in your community. Also, you can opt to pay minimal fees to use service clubs, churches or organization’s conference rooms for your rehearsal venue.

If you are not bothered by expenses, then you can opt for casinos, sports clubs, arenas or even bars. These areas will allow your guests to enjoy the facilities present, making it a memorable occasion.

Outdoor venues

The allure of a park picnic or scenic lakeside rehearsal is also another option. You can invite your wedding party for a relaxing wedding rehearsal and there are more and more outdoor venues that are available for you to hold your wedding rehearsals. Some bridal couples love the idea of an outdoor rehearsal as this allows them to do something different and snap outdoor photos, especially if they have their wedding ceremony in an indoor venue.

Remember that when choosing a wedding rehearsal venue in Greenwood Village, it need not be extravagant, all you need is to make a wise choice to make it a memorable experience!


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