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What Determines A Top Notch Italian Restaurant?


Italy is a European country with main economic sectors that include tourism, fashion and food. It must be emphasized that food is of utmost importance in the Italian culture. Italy’s cuisine dates many years back in history. Some reasons why Italian food is so varied and is such an important part of Italian culture is due to Italy’s location.

Geographically, Italy runs all the way from the Alps to the central Mediterranean Sea. Hence, it has lengthy growing seasons and a variety of soil types. This affects the amount and diversity of ingredients available for food. Italy is also surrounded by the sea and connected to large landmasses. This provides Italy with a large quantity of fresh seafood as well as many other ingredients from foreign lands.

Italian cuisine is extremely elegant and with so many different types and varieties in Europe, from the pleasant flavors of Naples and Calabria to the dishes made with fresh pesto in Liguria and the cheesy risotto dishes of the Italian Alps. Is your mouth watering yet? If you are craving Italian food but are not anywhere near Italy, visiting a top notch Italian restaurant anywhere in the world might leave you just as satisfied as dining in Italy. Here are some aspects of an Italian restaurant that deserves to be deemed as top notch.

The food

But of course, the food determines whether an Italian restaurant is top notch. Even though a good Italian restaurant may have great wines available, snazzy interior designs, classy decorations and first-class customer service, the quality of the food determines whether an Italian restaurant is good, great or top notch. Imagine how disappointing it would be to enter an Italian restaurant that looks seemingly superb but is a let down on the food that they serve. Also, it would be equally disappointing to enter a fancy Italian restaurant, burn a hole in your pocket from the bill and leave still feeling hungry. Italian food is all about good hearty meals so the food has to be the main factor that determines a top notch Italian restaurant.

The customer service

Good customer service definitely enhances your dining experience at an Italian restaurant. It is very typical of Italian servers to be warm, chatty but still respectful. Expect the service of top notch Italian restaurants to be friendly and professional but not overbearing. Waiters and waitresses will not dwell on small talk and will ensure your comfort and enjoyment of the entire meal. Once the meal orders have been taken, the service should be smooth and your meal should arrive shortly. Good customer service starts from the time you enter the restaurant until you step out after your meal.

The ambiance

A top notch Italian restaurant should have an amazing ambiance that is hard to describe. Italians in general appear to have a knack in creating warm atmospheres in any location. A genuine top notch Italian restaurant will have an ambiance that radiates and leaves you with an indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort once you step in. The ambiance should complement the service and food that you are being served. It will certainly be an experience that will be hard to forget and will definitely have you coming back as a customer again soon.

To determine if an Italian restaurant is top notch, it should, first and foremost, have amazing and authentic food. The second criteria should be the service and the third would have to be its ambiance. If these criteria are met, you may have just found yourself a top notch Italian restaurant for you and your family to dine at!


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