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What It Takes To Organize An Excellent Corporate Event

Corporate events are increasingly gaining popularity among most companies as a way to create some hype about their products or services. These events have far reaching impacts as they engage the crowds attending and attract recognition. Some companies might even hold a corporate event to discuss critical business decisions, hold a sales meeting and recap a successful year among others. However, organizing a corporate event is not an easy task as people think and it involves a lot of hard work if you want it to be a success. It is important to note that if anything goes wrong with the event, it could reflect negatively on the company’s reputation. So, how do you pull off a perfect corporate event?

Plan early

The success of your event will be highly dependent on planning and attention to details which means you should start planning early. It is thus not surprising that large events can take more than a year to successfully organize. Come up with a detailed operational plan listing the tasks that need to be carried out and the person delegated to accomplish it. Do not be afraid to enlist colleagues and where possible, you can even create a committee to assist in the planning and organizing the event. During the planning phase, you should also set the objectives such as the agenda, sales target and media coverage or attendance target.

Manage your budget


It is highly advisable to have a good understanding of the expenses involved in the event. You should take into consideration such aspects as marketing, invitations, catering, venue and entertainment. Keep a close track on the budget to make sure that you do not end up spending more than you have allocated for the event. If the event is expected to generate revenue like product or ticket sale, this should be included in the approximate budget to assist in offsetting the costs. You should leave a comfortable margin for emergencies or unplanned expenses.


There is a common misconception that formal gatherings do not entail any kind of entertainment. This is far from the truth and entertainment is something that you should factor in as you organize the corporate event. You should note that you will need to avail a variety of choices such as motivational speakers, comedians and musicians among other crowd entertainers. A good idea is to set aside an hour or two for fun activities that everyone can participate in and have fun without crossing professional boundaries. Make sure that the entertainment option respects different culture. There are a number of professional corporate entertainment companies which can help you get it right. You just need to ensure that you advise on the expectations and the target audience.

Find the perfect venue

The venue is of utmost importance as it is the canvas that will determine other factors such as the d├ęcor. The venue also speaks volumes about the caliber and potential of your company. Before you commit to a venue, you should check the seating arrangements, interiors, lights, as well as valet parking. The last thing you want is to end up with a venue which is too small for the number of guests attending or vice versa. The key to this is to have an approximate number of the people attending and then you can proceed to search for a corporate event space that can comfortably fit them in.

If you are searching for the perfect space, you can contact us Venice Ristorante & Wine Bar. We invite you to look around the venue to evaluate our entrances, exits, seating arrangements and parking space. Having all the amenities at your intended venue in a top condition will speak volumes on the core character and sophistication of your company, so that’s why we are confident that our corporate event space here will not let you down!


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