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What Should You Consider When Hosting Eco-Friendly Weddings?


Your wedding day is just a few months away. It will be good to plan as early as now. You would basically start with the theme of your party. Have you tried scouting for ideas and came across with what is called an eco-friendly wedding? If you indeed want to use that concept for a wedding theme then it pays to know the things you should consider in this regard.

Make sure your wedding is a good definition of what eco-weddings are

Some of you would think that eco-weddings are quite laidback and can be very boring at that. Remember however that such weddings do not work that way. They can still be stunning as you want them to be provided they will have benefits on the planet. These benefits would include going for alternatives that will not harm the environment at all.

Your wedding invitation

Every wedding plan is followed by the distribution of wedding invitations. You will definitely be working on them once you have finished the line-up for your wedding entourage and you have decided the venue, date and other pertinent wedding details. If you want to create an invitation that is friendly to the environment, then you can choose stationery pieces from recycled materials. You can also start scouting for tree-free paper that makes use of cotton or bamboo as a substitute to the usual. You can even use the same paper to prepare your thank you notes, bridal shower invitations, wedding programs and all other parts of the big day that would require using notes.

Making your ceremony eco-friendly

We have all been used to attending weddings whose ceremonies are held in one particular place with the reception held in another. That can mean additional transportation cost which is at the same time giving a harmful impact to the environment. If you intend to stick to your eco-friendly theme then it would be good to use the same venue for your ceremonies and reception. This could result to lesser travel on the part of your guests that will in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. An added bonus would be the fact that you will not hear your guests complaining about travelling from one venue to another.

Your wedding dress

Much attention is given to the dress that you will wear on your wedding day. This is a one-time affair and surely you would want to standout during that occasion. Well, who would not want that idea? If you are into an eco-friendly endeavor though, you can choose to wear a pre-worn bridal dress or choose a vintage one at that. You can simply have the dress altered to match your style choice and to complement your body’s shape. Once you have taken a look at that pre-worn dress of yours as it is transformed into a newer look, you would certainly be glad you have chosen this option.

Your choice of the wedding caterer

Perhaps, you would wonder how you can choose an eco-friendly caterer for your wedding. Well, you simply have to go for one that practices sustainability at all times. You can say that a caterer is eco-friendly by knowing how they reduce waste materials that may pile up during the big day. They simply use water dispensers in lieu of the usual bottled water distributed to each guest. In line with this, you can also plan the menu and ask the caterer to use locally-grown produces that will reduce the need for shipment. This will translate to lesser greenhouse gas emissions the way that eliminating the need to travel from one place to another will.

If you want your wedding to be environment-friendly then we will be there to help you achieve that for your big day. Simply call us and we can talk about the menu that will make this dream wedding come true.


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