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What's The Latest In Catering Trends?


Through the years, the catering services add an appeal to their menus by keeping up with the trends when it comes to their catering business. As the customers of these companies or individuals, you would surely want to know the latest they can offer. It can be tiring to see the same menu and setup over and over again. Here is the scoop on the latest in catering trends as of the time of writing.

A vast array of vegetarian dishes

People seem to be more conscious of their health and wellbeing. With that in mind, caterers have pushed things up a bit to make sure there are perfect vegetarian dishes to match the needs of these individuals. It has been a trend for quite some time now but for sure the trend will keep on going. These vegetarian dishes will surely take a leap by making them part of the main course as well. In this case, non-vegetarian dishes will become an alternative sitting at the sides of the serving table.

Sourcing out ingredients from local produce

Making things even healthier for the catering world are the locally-produced goods that are considered to form part of each meal’s ingredients. Caterers have long gone from the usual meat-lovers recipes to the vegetarian items with ingredients sourced out from somewhere else. Now, the focus of attention is to patronize local produces. The real reason why caterers use these in their latest offerings is the fact that more and more people want to know where their food is coming from.

Awesome bite-sized pieces

Sit-down dinners are traditional partying options. Now, with everyone wanting to mingle with guests in a party, this can be quite an old-fashioned style that anybody else wants to get away with. With that in mind, caterers have tried to make a shift from the large cut pieces to the bite-sized varieties that are more ideal for guests. Getting their items in bite sizes gives them the chance to control what they get in the plate and to make sure they will only get what they will eat.

The emergence of gluten-free recipes

The emergence of gluten-free recipes in the catering world is not just about gluten intolerance as an increasing concern for some individuals. It is like a clue for change where the public wants to get rid of gluten in every meal they take in. Gluten-free alternatives are more nutritious as an option with buckwheat and quinoa topping the list of gluten-free grains.

Presence of action stations in catered events

Some catering events of the past have focused more on providing the food that the customers are raving and asking for. This main focus of attention can make the party quite dull and boring for guests. When looking for the whole new idea of entertaining your guests, catering services will pump things up a bit with action stations as inclusions in their service upon your request. The action station is not actually a music station but one where the chef readily demonstrates his cooking skills and allows for active guest instruction. It is like a teaching lesson for free.

The addition of ethnic flavors on the list

Caterers continue to experiment so that there is something new they would offer your guests. This is why fusing in ethnic flavors becomes another trend in the catering world. These ethnic flavors are each carefully chosen to bring in some great new and delectable flavors to the plate.

There are indeed a lot of things to consider when it comes to the latest trends in the catering world. You can always ask for customizing one of these catering trends for your next catered event.


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