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Which Types Of Events Can Benefit From Having Coffee In The Catering Menu?

We know that you need your usual cup of Joe is needed every morning to fire up your senses before you get ready to face another day in the corporate world. So how does it come into play when you are talking about catering services? In this article, you will find out a little more information on how events can benefit from having the aforementioned in their menus.

What does good coffee taste like?


Before we begin, you got to know how great coffee taste like. Here are a few pointers to look out for so you can offer your guests decent options to get their caffeine fix:

• First up is a medium roast cappuccino and you can offer your guests the option add chocolate sprinkles

• Next up is filtered coffee or batch brew coffee. This is a direct trade specialty that is harvested two to three months prior and roasted in the past five days. It is juicy, sweet and has nice floral acidity touch to it

• The third option you can include a double ristretto that is topped with textured milk, and served in a 160ml cup

Gala dinners

It is good to offer some delicious coffee to your guests after your glamorous gala dinner has come to an end. Specialty hot drinks like these tend to add an element of sophistication or luxury. Instead of serving instant coffee straight from the pot or the usual lukewarm tea, try delighting your guests as they get to enjoy the option of freshly made espresso or something that was mentioned earlier. Whether you plan to take orders at the table of have a coffee cart ready for guests to wander up at their convenience, it is always cooler to have barista style coffee at your event as it exudes professionalism.

Public events and exhibitions

It never hurts to include and cater coffee at public events and exhibitions. Such events traditionally require its attendees to be on their feet for an extended period of time, thus the availability of coffee will make the overall experience better for your attendees and maybe even tempt them to stay longer than expected. At exhibitions, you can easily draw crowds if you install a coffee cart or station near the exhibitors. This is a good strategy to allow exhibitors to have valuable talk time with attendees, who are waiting for their freshly made coffee.

Meetings and conferences

As a conference organizer, you cannot afford for delegates to exit the vicinity to search for good coffee or have them wait in long lines during tea breaks. Likewise, these delegates are unlikely to be tolerant with substandard coffee. To avoid these issues from arising, you can include quality coffee in your catering schedule.

You have to take into consideration the short, sharp bursts of break sessions and you need to have fast service. If your event consists of hundred or more delegates, it is recommended that you hire two onsite baristas to serve the coffee and ensure delegates are receiving delectable espresso based coffee with consistent quality.


Almost everyone knows what a good coffee is and enjoys it. What better way to end a beautiful wedding evening with great coffee? If you are considering adding the aforementioned at such as meaningful event, you have made the right choice. Your guests will be impressed when they experience the services of a professional barista who not only serves delicious coffee, but also common favorites such as hot chocolate and even babyccinos.

Coffee and drinks are certainly not sufficient for some of the events listed above. You should be able to serve some gourmet food to go along with the drinks. At Eclectic Creations Catering, we cater authentic Italian food that is sure to delight your taste buds.


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